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Tue, Oct. 30th, 2012, 01:20 am
starfier: Hi :)

Hello I am Starfier. I am currently 22 years old. 
B-day is in Oct.
Big anime fan. I like just about all animes I like to hear sugestions of new anime. I got some of the anime I like on my profile if you wanna check it out.
I like to watch tv some. and into a few shows. I like Supernatural, CSI, Crinmal Minds, and lots more I think that is on my profile.'
I love to listen to music and play games some what used to be a gamer and played games everyday. I dont do it as much any more cause most of my time is consumed either by this website or taken care of my dad. and when he is in the hospital I have a hard time getting on here because my phone does not work with the app or something. Lol when it comes to technology I know nothing about it. I graduated high school 2010. Glad I am out. 
I get along with pretty much any one add me if you would like.